Making the world know about Turn the Snake

Ok, the game is published, now it’s time to make someone know about it. Here’s what I do – I hope it will help somebody.

Facebook gamedev groups

Well, some of them ban advertising, some of them encourage you sharing projects – I spur you to read groups regulations to do not disturb.

Also, you can get some feedback about your game.

libgdx showcase fourms2

Groups I find appropriate:

These two for LibGDX only:

Play my clone

Indie Game Promo

Mobile Game Development

Mobile Game Developers

Game sites

I’ve submitted my game to PlayPlayFun which I recommend – they reviewed my game and placed it on their site. Also, they provide a nice support.


If you are a developer and want to feature and promote your games on our site, please visit our Developers’ Sectionor email us at

libgdx showcase fourms2

PlayPlayFun’s Memo Boxes review


If you’re an LibGDX user you can submit your game to their gallery or share its forum.

LibGDX main page

libgdx showcase fourms

LibGDX forumslibgdx showcase fourms2

Make Youtube videos?
I did a very… amateur, yeah, that’s the word – amateur video concerning Memo Boxes and posted it into its Google Play site. Despite its unproffesionality it made its job, but to be honest, if I could, I’d do this better.

Articles and things I found interesting 

Place where you can publish your own games

FGL – The game industry’s marketplace

TinyBuild’s article “How to pitch your game to a publisher or anyone

An Indie Game Developer’s Marketing Checklist–gamedev-7560

Microsoft Virtual Academy

A full gamedev tutorial, featuring how to distribute your game .

An article about publishing a mobile game, unluckily, in polish only.

That’s all, thanks for your attention.

And about things I work on for now – Turn the Snake update featuring squares and triangles would be nice 😀

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