SpelunkyPSP – cross-platform (with focus on PSP)  remake of PC game Spelunky Classic

2020 – now


SpelunkyDS – remake of PC game Spelunky Classic

2018 – 2019.


[2015] Memo Boxes:

[2015] Turn The Snake:

[2016, server hosting additional english tests is down] Speechlist:

All of the above were made with Java + LibGDX, the Speechlist was backed by postgresql and jersey restful service.



Angular 4 + Spring boot + mongodb


[2017, java] Multiplayer game via sound waves, prototype works, but never finished.

Code can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Is there any way to donate your projects? I am really interested in Spelunky PSP port. Do you plan to include renderers other than OpenGL? (like plain SDL)


    1. Hello vamastah.

      Regarding the renderer – indeed, I am planning to either rewrite or create an alternative renderer, that could be switched on during project configuration in CMake. This renderer would use simple pixel blitting (i.e as you suggested vendored by SDL). I conceived this idea when trying to run SpelunkyPSP on a device without a GPU – PocketGo – as a substitute for a GPU I used so-called software-implemented OpenGL delivered by Mesa. Results were unplayable (1.3 FPS, though I am satisfied it at least ran and displayed) and only pixel-blitting without OpenGL overhead seems reasonable in case of such devices. If you are interested, I dedicated a whole video investigating it:

      I am not taking donates, though it pleases me you asked 😉 Firstly, I am not sure about legal status of such donates, Spelunky Classic license allows for reuse of its assets as long as it’s not for profit, who knows whether donates for SpelunkyPSP development would qualify as making profit out of the original game.
      Secondly, money is not such a great motivator for me, as I already have a full time job, also it would create some pressure on me to spend time strictly on SpelunkyPSP while I like to divert my attention to other projects/ideas from time to time, tinkering on whatever comes to my mind (which is refreshing when coming back to SpelunkyPSP).

      Maybe if one day I decide to ditch the job and start working full time on my own projects living off my savings, then I will gladly take donates 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, always nice to hear someone’s following the project.


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