Links #1

Those articles/posts got me interested lately.
Most of them are about optimizing C++ code.

Data alignment in terms of performance
The clang compiler has a -Wpadded option that causes it to generate messages about alignment holes and padding. Some versions also have an undocumented -fdump-record-layouts option that yields more information.

Dynamic & Static inheritance in terms of performance:

Click to access svsd.pdf
Another problem with this approach is the use of virtual functions. We have virtual functions calling virtual functions when we are trying to something relatively simple! It should be noted that the compiler can not generally inline virtual functions and there is some overhead in calling a virtual function compared to calling a non-virtual function. This runtime hit seems unreasonable, but how can we overcome it?


Object Oriented Programming pitfalls:

Click to access Pitfalls_of_Object_Oriented_Programming_GCAP_09.pdf

Programming patterns:

C++ coding principles:


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