Creating live wallpaper in LibGDX

This post is part of my series on Android live wallpapers.
Visit my other blog posts where I cover creating live wallpapers in:

Templates for all three technologies are on my repository:

Creating a live wallpaper in LibGDX is only a step further from creating one with Android Studio’s no-activity template (I suggest having a look at my post covering it, as I will mention concepts that I explain there).

There’s a service, but it does not extend directly from WallpaperService – it does from LibGDX’s AndroidLiveWallpaperService, that in fact goes from WallpaperService.

There’s no simple Activity that extends from Activity – there’s one that extends from AndroidApplication.

There’s AndroidManifest.xml with the very same changes as in case of Android Studio project, and drawing happens in LibGDX’s core project (as LibGDX is multi-platform it generates android/ios/core/desktop/html projects, where core shares common part and other are mostly stubs for launching on specific platform).

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