Some words on developing SpelunkyDS

I had to remove music from the .nds binaries, you see, the binary as it is, with only sprites packed into it, is ~600kB. With simple sounds like one for the whip or jumping ~1.2MB. Things get hard when music comes in, it is over ~3.3MB with main menu / title song which causes crashing moonshell and prompting an “too large binary file” error.

You would suggest compressing the .wav more, but the compression is already in its really limits, when it comes to decent sound quality.

I wrote a prototype of SpelunkyDS using nitrofs – it streams music from the R4 card, not from the binary itself. Works good enough in desmume, but when copying to the card and trying in moonshell, it can’t find a filesystem. Problem is, to use nitrofs is to use a specific firmware, which is nds-hb-menu.

It would render SpelunkyDS only usable on cards prepared explicitly for homebrew – sad, but that’s the cost of using so fatty assets like music.

But for now – I’ll just focus on coding another things and leave the music for some time, perhaps there’s a better solution.

Also, as I have recently seen, there’s not so many tutorials on homebrew things like putting an icon to NDS file or aforementioned streaming music from filesystem (with nitrofs).

Going to put some posts on these later.

3 thoughts on “Some words on developing SpelunkyDS

  1. Great to see someone else doing DS homebrew too! My best way to get music in my own stuff is by using tracked (.xm) format… but well, I have a tracker-musician in my family. That helps 😛


    1. Omg, great to meet you, I’ve been reading your blog some time ago figuring out how to make alpha blending on NDS.
      I eventually made the music to work, using bootstrap application called DSiMenu++ there’s no limit in binary size, I should update this post 😀


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